Apple Stock News: Apple shares have jumped back through the $100 barrier

Apple_Store,_SydneyApple shares have jumped back through the $100 barrier to reach a new record of $100.53 on Tuesday as investors await the launch of iPhone 6 and long-awaited iWatch in September. Investors are still keeping their Apple shares and don’t plan on selling them in the short term.

Apples shares’ price has even risen faster than Google’s over the past 10 years: Google’s stock has risen by 1001%, while Apple’s has risen by 4,469%. High expectations as regards to the large-screened iPhone 6 are helping Apple’s stock to go up as well as the possible launch of a wearable device. Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty said Apple may sell as many as 60 million of the latter in its first year, adding up to $US9 billion in revenue for fiscal 2015. Apple’s share price makes it the world’s most valuable company, 30% bigger than Exxon Mobil, the second-largest by market capitalisation.


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