Apple Stock Forecast Based On Algorithm: Chart Of Last 5 Months Predictions

Apple Stock Forecast

I Know First, a startup firm, has successfully predicted the price of Apple stock throughout the past year and has a strong track record tracing back even further, by analyzing fundamental variables such as volatility, volume, and short-term trends. Here is our Apple stock forecast from March 4th 2014 till August 5th 2014.


How to read this chart?

Each point on the chart was taken from the actual daily forecast published the morning before the next market open. The chart shows the actual price in thick blue. The positive or negative (Up or Down) signals of the forecast were added to the actual last known price at the time of forecast to result in signal lines. Thus, when the signal line is above the actual line, it means “buy,” if below, it means “sell”. The green and red arrows show what would be the best times to enter the market. The widely ranging signals are scaled relative to the previous average signal range to bring them into manageable scale to fit them all in one chart.

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