Apple Stock News: Q3 Earnings Announced for July 22nd

Apple announced that its 3rd financial quarter earnings call will be scheduled for Tuesday, July 22 of 2014.  Traditionally, the earnings release occurs right after the regular stock trading hours at approximately 4:30 PM Eastern.  The conference calls that follows typically happens around 5:00 PM Eastern.  While no new products have been released during the first half of 2014, this will be the first such event for Lucas Maestri since being appointed as the company’s new CFO.

Apple’s third quarter earnings will offer a look at the sales of the iPad Air and Retina iPad Mini, as well as iPhone 5s and 5c sales throughout the first half of 2014.  During the second quarter of 2014, Apple reported iPhone sales of 37.4 million, and the Cupertino based company is forecasted to have another strong performance.  On top of the solid second quarter iPhone sales, Apple reported record earnings of $45.6 billion in revenue.  However, with the new iPhone 6 on the horizon, third quarter sales may be disappointing, as many Apple consumers are holding off on buying the 5s in anticipation of the new iPhone 6.

Aside from hardware, investors should expect to hear more about the recent 7-1 stock split that was carried out this past month, making AAPL shares more accessible to retail investors.  It also would not come as a surprise if Apple continued the conversation regarding heavy investment in research and development from the last quarterly call.

Even through there have been no new product releases in the past half of 2014, Apple is said to have many projects in the works, such as the iWatch, Smart Home Hardware, and a new 12 inch Macbook Air.  It is unlikely these products will be discussed in the conference call, but Apple investors should keep an eye out for any new details concerning these products in the upcoming months.

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– Joe Stempel

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