Apple Stock News: New iWatch Hire

In recent news regarding the iWatch, Apple recently brought on the sales director of TAG Heuer, according to CNBC.

The California tech company has tried to poach a number of employees from high-end watch makers without much success.  Jean-Claude Biver, head of Jewelry and Watches at TAG Heuer’s parent company, LVMH, claimed that this was his first employee that agreed to join Apple’s team.


With Apple looking to release the iWatch this October, the company has been building an experienced team with a deep understanding of the fashion industry.  At the top of this list is Angela Ahrednts, former CEO of Burberry, and Paul Deneve, CEO of Yves Saint Laurent.

This all points to Apple trying to penetrate the luxury watch market with the first iteration of the iWatch, a feat no other tech company has managed to do.  It seems Apple is attempting to find the perfect combination of technology, jewelry, and medical capability.  If Apple is able to pull this off it will be their first real innovative product since Steve Jobs was CEO, and it will no doubt be priced at the signature Apple premium.

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– Joe Stempel

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