Apple Stock News: iPhone 6 Battery Capacity

Even iPhone enthusiasts will admit that battery life has never been Apple’s strong suit.  With the iPhone 6 release quickly approaching, many iPhone users are hoping for a slimmer model and upgraded battery life.  Well, one out of two isn’t bad.

According to Chiphone batteryinese media reports, the battery in the 4.7 inch model will be in the 1800-1900 mAh range – only around 20% more than the 5s.  When you factor in the increased power requirements for the larger screen and resolution, there may actually be a decline in battery life.  This mediocre battery capacity places Apple behinds its competitors with similar sized headsets, and leaves some wondering if Apple is focusing too much on an ultra-slim design.

However, the 5.5 model may do better, as it’s said that it has a 2500 mAH battery.

While it’s important to keep in mind that these reports are highly speculative, it is extremely likely that the iPhone 6 will be thinner than the previous models.  A slimmer battery would be one way to achieve that, but it would come at the cost of a subpar battery life.  It is also entirely possible that the real-world battery life far surpasses the hardware specs, due to the performance improvements updated in iOS 8.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 6 during a September media event.

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– Joe Stempel

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