Apple Stock News: If You Can’t Beat ’em, Bash ’em

Samsung released an anti-iPhone commercial last week, calling all iPhone users “wall huggers”, in attempt to promote the Galaxy 5s smartphone. This seems to have been the start of an anti-Apple advertisement campaign, as Samsung just released two new ads bashing the iPads screen and lack of multitasking feature.
The first ad features a crying baby and father fighting over what to watch on the iPad, highlighting the iPad’s inability to display two apps at once, as seen below. The baby wants to watch a movie, while the dad wants to watch sports. When the iPad is replaced by the Galaxy Tab S, the baby and dad are both able to watch what they want, making them both happy.

The second ad compares the iPad display against the Galaxy Tab S. Two friends are both watching a scary movie on the iPad and Galaxy Tab S. When a scene depicting a dark figure against a black background comes up, the iPad user is not able to see the figure.

First announced in June, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S is Samsung’s thinnest tablet to date and features a high resolution display. It is also able to multi-task apps, as seen in the first commercial. Split-screen multitasking is said to be in the work for the new iPad Air, but the current version lacks this feature.
Despite the advertisements, it still looks like the Galaxy Tab is an inferior product. In real life, split-screen apps will most likely not be a practical way of watching two media streams at once. One point both of these advertisements fail to make is that many tablet users prefer iOS to Android. While Samsung’s recent commercials bashing iPhone and iPad users may help sways consumers whom are indifferent, it will turn off many Apple enthusiasts from Samsung for good..

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