Apple Stock News: New Macbook Air and Q3 Talks

New MacBook Air:

Digitimes recently reported that the 12 inch, MacBook Air is set to go into high volume production during the third quarter of this year. This would suggest that Apple may launch these new laptops early in the fourth quarter, as an attempt to capture a larger share of the Christmas shopping market. However, the real focus will be on the iPhone, which has always been Apple’s crown jewel. To illustrate this, in the latest quarter Apple sold 43.72 million iPhones generating $26.06 billion in sales, compared to 4.14 million macs only producing $5.5 billion. While the new Macbook Air may not be a game changer, it’s a nice addition to Apple’s growing product ecosystem.

Does Q3 Matter?

With no major product launches, Q3 is expected to be the lightest quarter of the year for Apple. If sales in June are tight it’s most likely due to consumers waiting for the newest iPhone. The biggest thing to consider is investor expectations. As shares approach a new 52 week high, investors will most likely be expecting a beat, especially considering last quarter’s huge earnings beat. Analysts are currently looking for $37.82 billion in revenue for Q3, which is at the upper tail end of Apple’s guidance range. A minor miss could invoke bearish feelings and give investors a reason to sell their shares to secure their recent gains. Now that the first half of 2014 is coming to an end, the most exciting time of Apple’s year is approaching. While the debate over the significance of Q3 earnings rages on, for those waiting to get into Apple ahead of the new product launches, the fresh dip is a perfect time.


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