Apple Stock News: iWatch Rumor Roundup

Sources are recently reporting that Apple is going to launch the iWatch this October. According to “industry sources” the watch will have a curved, OLED touchscreen and Apple hopes to produce and sell three to five million units per month. Note that this figure exceeds the current total global sales of smart watch sales last year. There are also reports that Apple has teamed up with high-profile hospitals to help execute the use of the iWatch as a personal health center. With the new Health centric apps in iOS 8, the iWatch will most likely be focused on providing and analyzing data such as calorie consumption, sleep activity, or even blood glucose and oxygen levels. Other rumors claim that Apple has formed a partnership with Nike to create the iWatch, but these rumors lack a strong foundation. Finally, there is no word yet on price or any specs for the iWatch.

Here is an artist’s rendition of how the iWatch might look and function:



The iWatch will surely effect Apple Stock as it will mark one of the first big products being released since Tim Cook took the helm at Apple. I Know First’s algorithmic prediction is the best source for Apple Stock Prediction.

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